Why PDC is #1

Why PDC is #1

For over 50 years, organizations and businesses around the world have made  PDC the #1 provider of Identification Wristbands.  Here are a few reasons why more establishments choose PDC than all our  competitors combined.


1. Over 50 Years of Experience & Innovation

Since 1956, PDC has been the number one choice  for the most reliable wristband solutions in healthcare, leisure and entertainment,  and law enforcement. Since that time, we've been acknowledged as the industry  leader by volume of repeat business, scope of product, and customer  satisfaction. Every day organizations in over 100 countries worldwide rely on  PDC products.


2. An Unparalleled Passion for Positive Identification

PDC’s top obligation is ensuring that our  customers receive the utmost safety and security through positive identification  of people, from patients to patrons.


3. Quality, Quality, Quality.

Our customers convey that no other company recognizes and acts on this objective quite like PDC.


4. Leading the way with “Firsts” and New Products

PDC designed the first single-piece patient  wristband, the first bar code wristband, and the first Smart Band®  RFID wristband system. Our products are designed to meet changing  identification technologies to meet your needs today, tomorrow, and for the  future.


5. Choices, Choices! No One Offers More Wristband Solutions.

Whether it’s PDC’s wide array of “human  readable” wristbands or our auto ID solutions, including bar code and RFID, no  other company provides the selection of wristbands and ID systems. And PDC has  the accompanying labels and insert cards for every wristband option!


6. Customer First Philoshophy

You can depend on the experienced PDC Inside  Customer Care Team to handle every stage of your ordering process  knowledgeably, efficiently, and courteously. Our customer-first philosophy is  based on 100% satisfaction—before, during, and after your order.  We listen, follow-up and act on customer input, which we treat as gold.


7. Personal Attention from a Strong & Reliable Sales Team

PDC customers value the personal attention they  receive from their Sales Representative. Customers are quick to comment why  their salesperson is a solid cut above the competition....Product knowledge,  flexibility, sense of urgency, dependability, and trust are characteristics you  can expect when partnering with PDC.


8. At the Forefront of Advanced Technology

As the pioneer of automated wristband  technology, PDC provides reliable solutions with our market-leading bar code  and RFID solutions. More organizations use PDC’s bar code wristbands than any  other bar code band in the world.


9. Value (with a capital ‘V’)

Whichever PDC wristband system you choose,  you'll receive maximum value…value in products...value in price...value in  service...that's been the PDC way for over 50 years. Based on overall customer  satisfaction, PDC value in products and services is unmatched in healthcare  today.



10. Powerful Strategic Alliances

PDC joins forces with the world’s leading companies to provide total solutions for today’s networked world.